14KY 1857 Victorian Seed Pearl Hair Mourning Hair Brooch Pin

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14KY Antique Victorian Seed Pearl Hair Mourning Hair Brooch Pin

This antique Mourning pin from the Late Georgian, Mid Victorian era is crafted in 14 karat yellow gold. Brooch has an artistically displayed woven centerpiece, encased in beveled glass and framed in two rows of natural seed & baroque Pearls. Pin has a personal engraved dedication on the back that reads "My Father Obt. April 30th 1857.Age 77yrs,1 mo.26 days." Pin has an early "C' closure and measures 1 3/8"w. x 7/8"w. Weighs 7.9grams. Circa 1857.

*After her husband, Prince Albert, died in 1861, Queen Victoria publicly grieved him until her own death 40 years later. Often, Victoria wore a locket of Albert’s hair around her neck. Queen Victoria was the monarch of mourning, a celebrity who influenced how grieving women dressed and behaved in Europe and the United States.
If you did not follow the "standard" mourning sort of rules at the time, you could be shunned for not properly grieving after a death of a loved one. Women widows were expected to wear special clothes to indicate that they were in mourning for up to four years after the death, although a widow could choose to wear such attire for the rest of her life. Men often got off the hook easy, only expected to wear a simple black armband or hat, as they were expected to work and find a new wife quickly to care for their children.