Persian Heriz Large Area Rug 13.8x9.6

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Size: 13 ft 8 inches x 9 ft 6 inches***
Estimated KPSI: 90-125***
End Finish: Short Fringe***
Condition: 9+, Excellent for its Age***
Age: 30-40 Years Old***

Heriz (Herez) rugs are a type of Persian rug made in Northwest Iran in the province of Azerbaijan. Several popular types woven in this region include Bakshis, Ahar, Gorevan, and Serapi. They are usually easily recognized by their typical rectilinear patterns which stray from the typical curvilinear style observed in most Persian carpets. Some Heriz characteristics are thought to be derived from the classical Caucasian carpets of the 17th and 18th centuries. Other Heriz rugs produced in silk have characteristics which link closely to Persian carpets and are identified as Heriz rugs by their weave.
Heriz rugs and carpets are possibly the most famous Persian Rugs among collectors. They are typically made in the town of Heriz, in the eastern province of Azerbaijan. Weavers of Heriz rugs utilize Turkish knots. The wool used in these carpets is high quality and the construction is hard-wearing and durable. The majority of Heriz rugs and carpets have a large single medallion with eight points. The quality of these carpet depends on the number of knots, which varies, but averages around 120 KPSI.