2PC The Last Circulating United States Silver Dollars

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Morgan Dollars are struck in .900 Fine Silver from the famous Comstock Lode.They were the favorite form of money in the old Wild West. Twenty Seven different issues were minted at the Philadelphia Mint from 1878 - 1921. This legendary Silver Dollar was issued at the birthplace of United States coinage.
The second beautiful coin is a silver 1922 Peace dollar. The Peace Silver Dollars were minted from 1921-1935 and are crafted from .900Silver weighing 25.73grams, measuring 38.1mm and featuring a reeded edge.It was originally intended to commemorate the signing of the peace treaty between the United States and Germany after World War I.This short-lived series was struck in only ten different years between 1921 and 1935.These large and heavy U.S. coins were widely circulated and frequently melted for their silver content and as a result population numbers of good quality specimens are rare indeed.