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The Spor Mtn. range is known for its amazing beryllium deposits and world class fluorite. These known as Rare Earth Elements or REE nowadays. REE are not difficult to find, but a claim with minable quantities of REE are much more difficult to locate. There are very few claims that come up in this area so when we saw these we jumped on the opportunity! Gem quality fluorite has been taken from these mines by rock hounds and local miners for years. Fluorite, Beryllium and Fluocerite are abundant and in large or small scale, mineable quantities. The mines here are large, expansive with substantial history left intact due to the remote nature of the range. What you see here is the best of the best in this district. This claim encompasses a 20 acres lode claim, which is the only type of claim of any value out here. The claim covers all of the tailings and significant workings, including an beautiful, timbered adit and a very interesting double compartment shaft. The claim and the mines are easily accessible with high clearance 4WD. The claim is written on the general trend of the vein and to encompass the entire mining camp on site. These deposits were located in the 1930s, but not worked until the late 1940's and into the early 1950's. The history here is amazing The principal mineral of interest was Fluorite, but the USGS also notes Uranium and Beryllium. This is an ideal claim for someone with an eye to the future and who wants to make sure that they can see their claim at most any time of the year. Temperatures in the area are typical for high desert in Utah. Summer is the hottest of the seasons with temps bordering the century (100) mark and evenings dropping to the 70s. Winter should be expected to have days in the 40s and nights dropping down into the teens. The area is dry and on the off chance that any snow does fall, its usually gone within a day at most. This claim is located on a saddle of the mountain and gives stunning views of both sides of the valley. Add to that the intact timber and mine infrastructure and you have a claim that is not only valuable in terms of minerals but also has significant historical value from the days of the war efforts and beyond. The claim contains three separate mines, only one of which has been mapped and documented. The other two need some light rehab to make sure that they are safe and stable enough for exploration. There are two foundations on the claim, one a remnant of a workshop and or bunkhouse, there are tools, bottles, nails and other bits all around this area. The other foundation appears to have been a house or possible bunkhouse. There are bottles all over the hill behind the foundation. We found whiskey and syrup bottles in addition to many old tobacco cans. The claim is located and a virtual dead end in the canyon so there is no worry of drive through traffic or the constant buzz of ATVs on the weekends. You will be on your own in desert solitude at this site. From 1944 to 1992 the Spor Mountains produced 350,000 tons of Fluorspar ore, 105,000 tons of Uranium ore, and approximately 2 million tons of Beryllium. The Dell is noted as mainly a Fluorite producer, with Beryllium listed as a secondary mineral of importance. The deposit was first discovered in 1948 and was active until 1953. The survey teams noted three (3) collapsed structures: an old house, a shaft-house and a separation house. Old relics documented on the claim include: boxes, cans, and bottles. This is a 20 acre lode claim in the Spor Mountains of Juab County, Utah. The Dell is noted as primarily a Fluorite producer. Fluorite has many industrial uses. It is used in the steelmaking process to help remove any impurities. It’s also used in making ceramic glass, enamels, and cooking utensils. It is also used in high performance telescopes and camera lenses, ornaments, and jewelry. There are a total of three separate mine entrances on the claim. None of them intersect with each other and they are all separate intrusions. 1. The Double compartment shaft: The first mine on the claim is as impressive as it is dubious. It is a double compartment shaft. This is a very interesting entrance as its currently inaccessible. The collar would need to be removed before it could be explored as it poses a current threat to any below due to it being suspended over the shafts. The workmanship is amazing on this mine. Double compartment shafts are not common and only used when the mine was large enough to warrant a manway and a dedicated route for ore removal. The timber on the shaft is solid and stable, its just the bit of collar above, from where the ores were being offloaded that is a bit sketchy. There are no existing maps of this shaft, so its size is completely unknown at the time. 2. Adit entrance: The second mine is an adit. The main tunnel is timbered and leads to a stoped room that measures forty (40) feet in length and thirty (30) feet in height. This entrance is your standard, stable timbered adit entrance. The timber work is top-notch and what would be expected of a mine cut in the 1940s and left relatively unmolested by vandals. The climate is ideal for preservation and this timber work is a testament to this. Upon entering the mine, there is a large, open stope on the west side of the tunnel. This stope is roughly 20 feet across, 40 feet tall and 30 feet wide. Opened up as a dome at the top, there is significant quantity of deep purple and blue fluorite visible at the top of the stope. Veins of fluorite run down the walls of the stope in varying widths, the largest being a 30 inch body of fluorite that stretches from the top to the base of the workings at the bottom of the stope. Working farther back on this mine there is 30 feet of tunnel extending back to the next stope where the mine has split off in three directions. This stope has been worked up a bit, but mostly serves as a staging room. To the west there is a short drift leading to an ore chute that is still chock full of some very pretty bits of purple fluorite. Along side of this chute is a small ladder, it follows the chute up into the mountain for about 20 feet to where the open stope continues far up into the mountain. There is another small cut leading to a face only 5 feet in. There is not much mineral visible in this short section. The final drift shoots off to the north east and narrows quickly. Its only 55' from the entrance of the stope to the face of this drift and some rubble. There is a section of pink fluorite that is exposed here, but it hasn't been worked by anyone but rockhounds. This is high desert at its best. The days are warm, usually all the way through January and February. Rain and snow vanish quickly and leave only short bursts of green from the moisture. In the summer days can be scorching, up into the low 100s, with the evenings dropping into the 70s. The claim is spread over the saddle of the mountain and offers stunning views of over 60 miles of the valley to the west. The road to the claim winds up from the east side of the mountain and meanders up the hill through a canyon before finally reaching the mine. There is an old gate installed on the road that could be used to close access to the mine, but it is off the claim. Once at the claim, there is extensive flats in the mining camp itself. Plenty of room to stage a 5th wheel or trailer if you choose to drag one up here. There is no water, so plan on packing all of your own in. The sunsets here are mind blowing. Watching the colors break over the historic mining camp with a small camp fire makes you feel like you are right back in the glory days of the area, working as the miners worked! Geology of the Mines and or the claim: USGS Comments on the commodity information CHIEF IMPURITIES ARE MONTMORILLONITE, CREAM COLORED DOLOMITE & QUARTZ USGS Analytical data THE SOUTHERN PIPE AVG. 71.9% CAF2. & 5.2% S1O2. FROM VEIN ADJACENT TO NORTH ORE BODY (1964) = .016% U3O8 SURFACE OF NORTH ORE BODY (1964) = .020% U3O8 ADIT OF SOUTH ORE BODY (1964) = .012% U3O8 AND .030% U3O8 SURFACE OF LARGE WEST ORE BODY = .013% U3O8, 62.5% CAF2 1951: 0.18% U3O Host Rock Sedimentary Rock - Carbonate - Dolomite Commodities: Fluorine/Fluorite - Primary Beryllium - Secondary Uranium - Secondary Materials - Type of material Fluorite - Ore Bertrandite - Gangue Carnotite - Gangue Claim Location Details: Structures House, Shafthouse, Separation Building Number of Mines One shaft and one adit Surrounding Mines Green Crystal, Fluorine Queen Resources Wood Elevation 6100 feet above sea level Mine Details: Mine Cut Adit and double compartment shaft Average Height X Width 6' x 4' Total Depth Unknown - shaft was not explored Entrance Adit - easily accessible. Shaft needs work - see above desc. Tailings Less than 270 cubic feet Foot Traffic None National Bureau of Mines ID UTJUA_00954, UTJUA_00954B Mine Rating B rating Claim Rating 4 Star Minerals on the Claim: Noted Beryllium, Fluorine, Carbonates Observed in Mines Beryllium, Fluorine, Carbonates Observed in Tailings Beryllium, Fluorine, Carbonates Mine Age 1948 Last Worked 1953 District Information: Its hard to make an accurate assessment of mines and mining claims today. The history, the books and the documents change over time. Universities and Agencies seem to write and release documentation designed to deter the average miner. We examine each mine, and determine its actual potential. This is based on documented and verifiable history, as well as field observations and mapping of the sites. This helps us thoroughly and accurately describe our claims, as well as help you make informed decisions regarding the purchasing of a mining claim. In addition, the geological and historical information provided gives claim owners the tools to know where to look. After all, the gold, precious metals and minerals are out there, and there is a lot of it, you just have to know where to look. If you need more information, please feel free to contact our office and set an appointment to discuss your desired property. Spor Mountain Mining District History: Location The Spor Mountain mining district is about 35 miles northwest of the town of Delta in central Juab County. It can be reached from Delta by traveling northeast on U.S. Route 6 to State Route 174. Turn west on State Route 174 and continue northwest on the paved road for approximately 50 miles. The road becomes a well-groomed gravel road and immediately forks when it enters the district. The fluorspar and uranium mines are located to the north and the beryllium mines are located directly to the west at the fork. Production From 1944 to 1980, the district yielded 350,000 tons of fluorspar ore. Park (in preparation) reports total production of 260,000 tons of fluorspar ore from the Lost Sheep mine, the district's largest producer. Uranium production for Juab County from 1948 to 1970 was approximately 105,000 tons of uranium ore, and over 95 percent originated from the Yellow Chief mine. Beryllium ore production from 1970 to the end of 1992 was approximately 2 million tons. In 2000, over 100,000 tons of beryllium ore was mined, but in the past few years, production has been significantly less due to lack of demand and the processing of stockpiled ore. History The Spor Mountain district experienced three mining booms for three different commodities: fluorite, uranium, and beryllium. The fluorite boom began in the late 1930s and continues today. The uranium boom began in the early 1950s and lasted until the early 1960s. The beryllium boom began in the 1960s and continues today. Chad and Ray Spor discovered the district's first fluorspar (fluorite ore) in 1936 at Spot Mountain. Composed of fluoride and calcium, fluorite is chiefly used as flux in the manufacture of steel and in making hydrofluoric acid. In 1941, George Spor and his sons staked the Floride claim at Spor Mountain. Ore shipments began in 1944. Other claims were located (Fluorine Queen, Bell Hill, and Lost Sheep mines) and produced ore. Albert and Earl Willden staked the Lost Sheep claim in 1948 and began production that year. The Lost Sheep mine was still active as of 2005. It is the largest fluorite deposit in Utah and has been mined to a depth of 372 feet. In 1953, prospectors using hand-held Geiger counters discovered uranium on the east side of Spor Mountain. The Yellow Chief group claims were immediately located and shallow prospects dug. No more work was done for several years until the Topaz Uranium Company leased the claims. In 1959, the company began developing an open pit to uncover mineable ore. When mining ended in 1962, the over-all size of the pit was 1200 feet long, between 300 to 500 feet wide, and 150 feet deep. In 1959, Dr. Norman William, a University of Utah geology professor, discovered beryllium in mineralized volcanic tuffs at Spot Mountain. This discovery was made by accident; a fluorspar sample was unintentionally placed near a beryllometer, a new instrument designed to detect trace amounts of beryllium. Unexpectedly, the beryllometer started clicking, indicating the presence of beryllium. News of the discovery spread throughout the west and many individuals as well as companies flocked to the area to file mining claims. The Brush Wellman Company was one of these companies. Brush Wellman, determined to be a major player in beryllium production, began acquiring properties, such as the Vitro claims in 1964. Mining began in 1968 and the construction of an off-site mill in Millard County was completed in 1969. In 1980, Brush Wellman bought the Anaconda claims and became the lone producer of beryllium in the Spot Mountain district. Today, Brush Wellman still remains the only producer of beryllium in Utah. Geology The Spor Mountain district consists of faulted and tilted Paleozoic (500 to 360 million years old) marine sedimentary rocks overlain by Tertiary (42 to 21 million years old) volcanic flows and volcanic tuffs. For millions of years, large volcanic eruptions deposited ash flow tuffs (fused volcanic ash), volcanic breccias (angular volcanic fragments fused together), and lava flows. Then, approximately 21 million years ago, volcanic eruptions and erosion of the older volcanic material deposited the Spor Mountain Formation (mainly composed of tuff, rhyolite, sandstone, and conglomerate). Mineralized fluids from an underlying magma body migrated up preexisting faults, encountered a favorable host rock (the Beryllium Tuff Member of the Spor Mountain Formation), and deposited the beryllium ore. The Beryllium Tuff is a perfect host rock because it is porous and contains carbonate fragments, which react with the mineralizing fluids to precipitate beryllium. Many of the carbonate fragments were replaced by other minerals, forming nodules having an outer rind rich in beryllium and a core containing fluorite, opal, chalcedony, manganese oxides, and other minerals. The fluorspar deposits of Spor Mountain also formed from mineralized fluids from an underlying magma source that moved up pre-existing faults. The host rocks are the Ordovician Fish Haven and Fluoride Dolomites and the Silurian Bell Hill, Harrisite, Lost Sheep and Thursday Dolomites. Many of these deposits are pipe-like in form and contain 60 to 95 percent fluorite. The uranium deposits on the east side of Spor Mountain were deposited in the volcanic tuff, sandstone, and conglomerate of the Spor Mountain Formation. These deposits were formed either by the erosion of a uranium-rich fluorite body and later concentration of uranium by ground water, or by precipitation from hydrothermal fluids rich in uranium rising up along faults and fractures. Relatively recent volcanic eruptions (8 to 6 million years ago) deposited the Topaz Mountain Rhyolite in the nearby Thomas Range. Topaz, pseudo-brookite, bixbyite, red beryl, hematite, and garnet are found in this rhyolite at Topaz Mountain in the southern Thomas Range. Mineralogy Primary ore minerals include bertrandite, fluorite, uranophane, and weeksite. Bertrandite is the primary beryllium-bearing mineral found in the Beryllium Tuff. Bertrandite cannot be seen with the naked eye and can only be identified with the aid of an x-ray microscope. The fluorite is rarely crystallized and tends to occur in earthy masses at many of the fluorspar mines. Small purple fluorite crystals have been found in some of the nodules at the Brush Well-man mines. Uranium ore from the Yellow Chief mine contains the minerals uranophane and weeksite. Uranophane is a pale to orange-yellow uranium mineral that fills pore spaces in the sandstone and coats individual sand grains. Weeksite is a yellow mineral that occurs in a limestone conglomerate above the uranophane mineralization. The Spor Mountain district is near Topaz Mountain, a wonderful area for the mineral collector where topaz, red beryl, bixbyite, pseudobrookite, garnet, and other minerals can be found. Current/Future Operations: In 2005, fluorspar is being mined on the Lost Sheep mine property. Brush Wellman continues to mine beryllium ore (which is shipped to a treatment facility in Millard County) and has 50 to 70 years of open-pit ore reserves remaining. Reference:
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