T 5N R 10W S 32
Ellsworth Mining District, AZ

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T 5N R 10W S 32 Ellsworth Mining District AZ
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The Alaska Mine dates back to 1920 and was originally located and worked by Mr. A. Johnson. This historic claim consists of a total of 4 mines; 2 mine shafts and 2 adits. All are surprisingly intact, and the numerous nearby foundations and leaching tanks are evidence that it was a productive mine for quite a while. Although there is a well nearby, it is not on the claim. But that is an indicator that the water table is present and not too deep. From Mindat; A former underground Au-Ag-Cu-Pb mine located in sec. 19, T5N, R10W, on the plain South of the Harquahala Mountains, about 13 miles SE of Wenden, on BLM-administered land. Discovered in 1920 by Mr. A. Johnson. Here a gravel-mantled pediment is trenched by arroyos which expose steeply-dipping, metamorphosed, impure shales of probable Mesozoic age, in a few places. It is intruded by dikes of altered, basic porphyry. The mineralization is a vein deposit with a linear ore body locally associated with microdiorite dikes 20 to 25 MY in age. It occurs in a gently southward dipping brecciated zone that, due to flattening southward from the collar of the shaft, is only a few feet below the surface. Ore consists of brecciated, silicified shale with small fragments ofr coarsely crystalline, shiny gray quartz, cemented with limonite and other minerals and appears to represent a thrust fault zone into which the ore-bearing solutions entered from below along transverse fractures. Mineralization also includes Mn-dioxide. Workings include a 187 foot (57 meters) deep inclined shaft (incline = 25º Southward). Production was 1,200 tons of ore containing $6-$16 of Au/T (period values); 722 tons of ore at 1.69% Cu, 0.503 oz. Au/T & 0.37 oz. Ag/T (Jan '25-May '33). HARQUAHALA MOUNTAINS - ELLSWORTH MINING DISTRICT, LA PAZ COUNTY District Overview The Harquahala Mountains are the highest mountain range in southwestern Arizona, United States and are located southwest of the towns of Aguila and Wenden. The name originated from a local Native American people "Aha qua hala", which meant "water there is high up". The range is oriented from northeast to southwest and is approximately 32 km long and 20 km at its widest point. At the northeast are two prominent peaks, Eagle Eye Peak and Eagle Eye Mountain. One has a natural opening or bridge through it appearing as an eye high up, and is the namesake for the peaks and Aguila (Spanish for eagle). The highest point, Harquahala Peak, rises to 1,732 meters. Socorro Peak (1,134 m) is at the southwest end of the range. The very windy summit can be reached via a rough, 4-wheel drive road. This high point was used by the U.S. Army in the 1880s as a heliograph station. Then in 1920 a Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory was constructed on this summit and operated for five years before being relocated to Table Mountain Observatory, near Wrightwood, California. Its purpose was to study variations in the solar output as a possible factor in climate prediction. History/Production The Harquahala Mining District was organized in the late 1880's. Workings include numerous large to small mines and prospects worked from shafts, tunnels, adits, and open cuts. Operations date back to before the 1880's and continued intermittently to recent times. Total estimated and recorded production of precious and base metals would be some 160,000 tons of ore containing about 130,582 oz. Au, 89,500 oz. Ag, 45 tons of Cu, 61 tons Pb and minor Zn. About 615 oz. of placer gold with some silver was produced, mostly prior to 1900. Some 1,100 short ton units of tungsten oxide has been reported shipped from the district as well as a few lots of sorted 20% manganese ore. For many years marble and quartzite, mainly for crushed stone, has been quarried. The titaniferous magnetite sand has not been exploited. Some gypsum was produced for agricultural use. Geology The geology of the Little Harquahala Mountains near the Bonanza-Golden Eagle Property consists of Lower Paleozoic quartzites, calcareous mudstone with interbedded shales, and thick-bedded to massive limestones to dolomites of the Cambrian Bolsa Quartzite, Cambrian Abrigo Formation, and Devonian Martin Formation, respectively. The lower Paleozoic units are in low-angle (reverse and normal) fault contact with underlying Tertiary to Cretaceous granitic intrusives. Detachment contacts are locally mylonitic and extensively sheared and brecciated. The overlying sediments are strongly folded on regional to outcrop scale, cut by high angle normal faulting, and are structurally well-prepared to host precious metals ore-bodies. The ore bodies developed at the Bonanza and Golden Eagle mines, which the district was built around, were primarily detachment fault-related, sediment- and intrusive-hosted gold deposits. Mineralizing fluids, following high and low angle structures, are inferred to have migrated up to and across low angle normal faulting where structural preparation and reactive host rock chemistry were conducive to the formation of significant ore-bodies. Historically at the Harquahala Mine, another of the districts original mines, gold and silver ores were extracted from altered structural zones along the detachment (originally described as a thrust) and replacement bodies in lower Paleozoic, calcareous quartzites, muddy limestones, dolomites, and shaley units. The sediment-hosted ores were focused along high angle feeder structures and averaged close to one troy ounce per ton gold and more than one half troy ounce per ton of silver. Underground working were sampled in the early 1980's revealing a large area (>= 250 foot length in workings at the 71 foot level) in altered, calcareous sandstones and quartzites of the Bolsa Quartzite. Assays, from ALS Chemex, of underground sampling conducted in February 2005 confirmed or improved upon the earlier sampling results. ACCESS This entire area is relatively easily accessible by dirt roads which are well marked and well maintained. A 2-wheel drive car can get to this claim off of Route 60 or Route 10 via Harquahala Road/ Harquahala Mine Road, but I would recommend a good 4-wheel drive or even ATV’s to be able to access the entire claim that is not on the road. The area is full of dirt roads, so a good map and a good GPS unit is a must, but we'll show you exactly where it is on the map as well as provide you with the precise latitude and longitude of each corner marker, so finding it will not be a problem for you.
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