T 5N R 9W S 32
Aguila Mining District, AZ

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T 5N R 9W S 32 Aguila Mining District AZ
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There are a total of three mines here. The main adit is wide open and in good shape. Cut on the main vein, it runs for 107 feet into hard rock and has a large area of open stopping at the end. The second Adit is partially blocked, but the mine is intact and accessible and runs for 67’ on a secondary vein. The old shaft has been either backfilled or has been filled over by erosion/gravel from the hillside, so not sure if it is going to be accessible or worth opening, but the host rock it was cut into looks promising enough to try. Decent gold AND silver values based on just surface measurements in a few areas – worth crushing up some rock and panning. An ounce of each per ton is not out of the question, and it would not take that much work to pull out a 1,000 lbs of the best looking ore with a days’ worth of work and a pick-up truck or small trailer. This is one of only a handful of available mines from the historic Aguila Arizona mining district. Good dirt road access to the base of the hill where the mines are cut, although the last 500 feet is a little overgrown with vegetation, recommend good tires, good clearance and an experience. Aquila is largely known as a manganese and copper mining area that is located at the North end of the Bighorn Mountains, about 14 miles south of Aguila at an altitude of 2,300 feet, but in the last 50 years, it has been worked for its gold. At one time it was actually the second greatest producer of manganese in all of Arizona and the 5th largest producer of gold. In 1920, the USGS did a major study on the area and reported that in addition to manganese, Aguila was also a major producer of Copper. They noted that the local ores, which are composed of “Pre-Cambrian granite, gneiss and schist overlain by Tertiary lava flows”, contained considerable amounts of gold as well as large concentrations of lead and silver. During WWII, when the government outlawed the mining of precious metals in order to focus the mining industry on mining minerals and metals considered vital for the war effort, Aguila became a big mining area for “manganese” as you can probably imagine. Manganese, which is a chemical element (designated by the symbol Mn with the atomic number 25) is a metal with important industrial metal alloy uses, particularly in stainless steels and was considered a strategic mineral so therefore it was still legal to mine. A lot of manganese was mined here as the record books show, but there was also a large amount of gold, silver and lead that is still visible in the many high grade ore piles that have just been set aside and never shipped. The clearly exposed and visible individual deposits on this claim range from narrow veins with small but enriched high grade ore shoots, to wide shear and breccia zones of medium grade material. The chief manganese minerals are the common oxides, usually occurring as a mixture of pyrolusite, psilomelane, wad, and manganite. The gangue is composed largely of calcite, quartz; and unreplaced fragments of wall rock. AGUILA ARIZONA MINING DISTRICT Arizona Geological Survey Open-File Report 85-17 December 15, 1985 Abstract The Aguila manganese district, located in the western and west-central Big Horn Mountain, ranks as the second greatest producer of manganese in Arizona. Production was 186,117 lb. (Welty et ale 1985). At the present-day price of 70 cents per pound of manganese, production from the Aguila district is valued at $32,000,000, which is thirty times the value of Bighorn gold district production and ten times the value of Osborne district production. Geology of the Manganese Deposits A generalized description of the manganese occurrences is as follows (Farnham and Stewart, 1958): The individual deposits range from narrow veins, with small but enriched ore shoots, to wide shear and breccia zones of lower grade material. The chief manganese minerals are the common oxides, usually occurring as a mixture of pyrolusite, psilomelane, wad, and manganite. The gangue is composed largely of calcite, quartz; and unreplaced fragments of wall rock. Host Rocks Manganese mineralization occurs in the Proterozoic granite, Late Cretaceous monzodiorite, and Miocene Dead Horse basalt and tuff. Seven occurrences are in the Proterozoic granite, two are in the Late Cretaceous monzodiorite, eleven occurrences are in the basalt, and two are in mid-Miocene tuff. Many of the basalt-hosted occurrences include minor amounts of biotite tuff. Ninety-three percent of the total production was from deposits hosted in basalt. The remaining fraction of production came from occurrences hosted in Proterozoic (MRDS,1983). Structural Relations to Mineralization The Aguila district is coincident with a regional antiform described by Rehrig et al. (1980). All of the manganese occurrences are localized along tectonic structures, and none are strataform. Nearly all of the production tonnage was localized at the top of the Miocene section proximal to regional north-northwest-striking, northeast and southwest-dipping, low- to moderate- angle, normal faults (Figure 15). The easternmost occurrences, in the Pumice group, are localized along roughly east-west striking, south-dipping structures. Individual manganese pods are localized along minor high-angle normal faults. The cross section of the south- facing wall of the Black Rock mine, the major producer of the district, illustrates the localization of manganese pods along small scale structures (Figure 16). The two largest mines, the Black Rock and the Fugatt, are localized at minor inflections in the fault traces. The Proterozoic-hosted occurrences are almost exclusively localized along north-trending, steeply west-dipping, fractures or, possibly, faults. The Desert Rose mine, hosted in Late Cretaceous monzodiorite~ is along a structure that strikes N10 Degrees E and dips 55 Degrees SE structure. Paragenesis All of the Aguila district occurrences, except for the Valley View prospects at the eastern end of the district, consist of manganese oxides in a gangue of calcite, and, less commonly, quartz. Psilomelane and pyrolusite are the most abundant manganese minerals, but manganite is locally present. Ramsdellite, a rare manganese oxide, is found only at the Black Rock Mine (Anthony et al., 1977). Hewett (1972) implies that most of the manganese oxides are hypogene and contemporaneous with calcite. No relationship was established between quartz and the rest of the suite. The Valley View Mine displays layers of barite and fluorite crystals that alternate with black calcite (Hewett, 1964). The sequence of deposition in a well-exposed vein was: manganese oxides followed by fluorite, barite, and calcite (Hewett, 1964). Hewett (1964) notes that manganese mineralization hosted in mafic volcanics is ubiquitously associated with three-quarters to wholesale replacement of plagioclase by adularia.
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